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Originally posted by kolabong

Hi all, im from JB, here is mine:

1) University: University of Adealaide, Australia
2) Length of course: 1 (malaysia)+ 2 (Adelaide)
3) Course structure: Full time
4) Area of study : Bachelor of Commerce (Corporate Finance)
5) Costs: Around S$40K

This is a twinning program. Similar to the NgeeAnn-Adelaide program. All materials are from Adelaide.
Exam times is also same. Just like a "mirror" but difference place only.

It is quite tough, esp final year. but i have graduated successfully. phew..

But the problem now is that i cant find a finance related job nowadays. Planning to study the futures/derivatives trader course in singapore but worry that it will not accept foreigner. even it does accept, will I be accepted by the singaporean firms? oh..headache..anybody can help me to solve my puzzle??

The other option for me is to study a diploma in computing or IT. but im from commerce stream, do u guys recommend me to do this? I just want to have another career path. how????

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