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Originally posted by joepaul

Here's some info on AEC/ Uni of Birmingham's MBA programme:

1) Course Duration: 2 to 4 years

2) Course structure: part-time. 8 modules. Each module consists of intensive 11-day block taught every 3 months. Dissertation required at end: 10000 words (bummer!)

3) Cost: S$22k nett. Free textbooks (2 per module). Decent snacks/meals thrown in. No hidden cost

Why I recommend it:

1) Cheapest 'branded' MBA. Accredited by AMBA. The Economist ranked it 44th in the world. NUS is ranked in the 80s.

2) Fully taught by UK faculty lecturers. No partimers. Occasionally get some visiting lecturers from renowned Uni's like Cranfield and Aston etc.

3) Designed for engineer-types and "techies". Taught from first principles before leaping into case studies. Suitable for people like me without business or marketing or accounting background. An MBA for idiots. But this doesn't mean easy to pass. People have flunked before.


1) Weak web resources. The IT team is clueless.

Overall, value for money. What you see is what you get.

Hope this helps.
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