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Originally posted by PermanentHeadDamage

Consider this my present to HWZ people:
Basically if you want to do a part-time degree, beware!

This is direct from civil service HR manual:

Increments for Time Spent on Post-graduate Studies
(c) Recruits who have spent additional time in acquiring post-graduate qualifications (i.e. post-graduate diploma, Masters or PhD) that are directly relevant to the appointment may be given increments, on the basis that time spent in pursuing the qualification is akin to time spent in acquiring relevant work experience. The Appointing Authority can grant increments as follows:
(i) For post-graduate diploma: Up to 1 increment;
(ii) For Masters: Up to 2 increments;
(iii) For PhD: Up to 4 increments;
subject to the following rules:
(ii) The post-graduate programme must be done on a full-time basis. Post-graduate qualifications acquired on a part-time basis will not be recognised for increments, but the recruit's working experience while studying part-time may be considered under paragraph 15(5)(a)(i) and/or (ii).
(iii) No increment is given for additional time spent on useful but not directly relevant post-graduate programmes.
(iv) Increments shall only be given for the period of post-graduate study that the recruit successfully completed, minus any period in which he failed.
(v) The time spent pursuing post-graduate studies and directly relevant work experience may be combined for determining the total number of increments to be granted based on paragraph 15(5)(a)(i).
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