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Of almost all Serie A team, AC can considered the more attacking minded team.

But i believe their form will be back in the final. I think Anchelotti will play defensive if they manage to secore 2 goal lead after 65minutes or so. If they can't secure 2 goal lead, i think they will keep on attacking. You can't judge a team form just from their previous match. I can sense that their form are coming back.

They might even get the second place in the Serie A but i hope not coz i want Inter to at least get a 2nd. LOL

Juv form have been very consistent but they need Nedved to push the front forward. It will be a close match and score line i believe will not have more then 2 goal in the first 90 minutes. Might end up draw and have to go into extra time or worse, PK.
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