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Originally posted by RVN

I thought Hector Cuper is the one that like to play defensive football.
Yap Hector Cuper playing defensive football, he admitted it, insisted it and he played it. Unlike Ancelotti, if you ever watched those matches during his days at Juventus & Parma, you should know how defensive he was. And if you ever read those comments from Silvio Berlusconi (Chairman) and Adriano Galliani (Vice Chairman) than you should know they're the two who want Ancelotti to play attacking football. It seems to me Ancelotti was forced to play attacking football but inside his mind he still prefer in defensive football. I don't know how to explain the situation, just like buying a piece of beef and insisted the chef to make it taste like chicken. In the first place why don't you buy a piece of chicken and cook like chicken? :confused:
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