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So what happened to jackie?
he is appealing against the sentance as revealed below

Jackie Hoo Choon Cheat, 32, now serving a seven-year jail term, has indicated that he has questions of law to be brought before the highest court in the land.

Their cases are expected to be heard jointly, at the earliest in July.

In January, the High Court allowed him a hearing before the appeals court on the following questions raised by his lawyer Subhas Anandan:

Whether the court had correctly interpreted the Companies Act in finding that Phang had knowingly carried on the business with fraud in mind;

Whether the 'guilty acts' and 'guilty mind' elements under the Companies Act were established beyond a reasonable doubt;

Whether a company's business decisions can supersede the binding legal contract between parties; and

Whether the sustainability of a company is a factor in deciding whether there was fraud.

Yesterday, represented by Mr Philip Fong, Hoo sought permission from the High Court to raise three questions similar to those of Phang's to the apex court. The prosecution did not object.

STOMP - Courtroom - Convicted ex-director gets nod for appeals court hearing
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