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Leeporking status here after first day of internship:

1. View of the bay seems to be the norm rather than the exception in large law firms:

2. Realized that MAS does a lot of regulatory work (totally unrelated to what economists like abc do) since it is empowered by subsidary legislation to do so. In private practice a lot of work involves ensuring that transactions abide/adhere to the regulatory framework laid down by MAS. Possible future job opening there...

3. SMU students really know how to dress compared to NUS students. Went to work with my long sleeved shirt slightly rolled up. Was surprised to see SMU students in blazers + tie + polished shoes (for guys) and blazers + heels (for girls). All of them.

4. @kyuuri: Interns with no legal experience get 0 allowance. Those with legal experience do get allowance at the said firm, even though it is a low one.
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