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Sure, diet is the 1st thing to fix, I'm certainly for that but re training per se for fatloss, then I must say that metabolic workouts and/or bodybuilding type programs are by far more effective... like I mentioned before, strength programs do have some effect on fatloss but if you look at the before & after photos of say folks who did the Body for Life program (which is very BB based: I have the program) you'll see the dramatic differences:

Body-for-LIFE Success Stories

So like I said, it's up to TS to decide for himself...
Haha, the amount of shine on some of the after pictures are killing my eyes.

I would say some are quite comparable to the ones seen on leangains which advocates SL/SS. Client Update | Intermittent fasting diet for fat loss, muscle gain and health

TS may even include the Intermittent Fasting lifestyle into a bodybuilding routine since you need to lose weight.

Both still requires a lifestyle change and diet change. Like you said, there are multiple ways to get the results. It's up to the TS to follow which is better suited for him.

To TS, go for it and im looking forward to see your results in a few months, whichever method you choose!

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