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Good for you, ZacDolski. BTW, do you live in the East? If you do, I think one can also go to ITE East to do such a test. Just FYI.

Maybe warhunter could further elaborate on this...
Dude. There is a huge difference between optometry and opticianry.
The course in ite is for opticianry. Opticians only prescribe glasses if they are "optician R+D" licensed. Dispensing opticians only dispense out glasses with precription from optometrists or eye doctors and does not check your eyes. they hold "optician dispensing" license.

Optometry is a whole different profession. They assess the visual function of patients,diagnose,manage and refer eye disease, prescribe contact lenses and any forms of optical aids eg. Glasses.

Opticians are only allowed to check patient above 8 years old. Optometrists are allowed to check younger patients.

We already have enough black sheep opticians breaking the law and they are still producing more opticians without first controlling the situation. Overseas opticians are not even allowed to check the prescription. They are only allowed to dispense glasses with a written prescription from optomtrists and ophthalmologists.

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