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cowed77, as for ur saying that pull-ups=big guns...i read this article by dave tate (dont ask for link, either tnation or elitefts lol) saying that he believes that if u want big biceps, u need direct bicep work. pull-ups can get ur arms bigger, but there's a limit to it.

personally, i havent seen my arms getting bigger/more swole from pull-ups. there was even a period where i train pull-ups very extensively(might do it again lol). my pull-ups was in the region of 20+ (but dont think now can) but my arms remained more or less the same.
Really depends on how the individual responds since no 2 persons are alike. Personally I would say, go for weighted chin-ups (supinated close-grip) keeping the reps between 6 - 8 & training to failure for a couple of weeks if you want to whack the biceps.

When I was in my 20s & 30s I've benefited from both weighted chin-ups & curls - both worked in getting my biceps up. For my triceps however, only weighted dips & close-grip bench presses really worked; direct triceps work only helped a little bit..

so go experiment what works for you...
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