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I got a quotation for Mitshibishi Electric System 3

3A28VA - $2570
AD18VA - $1350

1/2 inch Insuflex - add $250 to upgrade to Armaflex
Copper G23 - add $50 to upgrade to G22
Drainage pipe 16mm
1 trip installation - if two trips add another $100.
Installation 1 year - but she can upgrade FOC to 3 years.

Got a few questions. Why is armaflex upgrade so ex??
Is G22 upgrade necessary? Mine is concealed piping.
What is the issue with 1 or 2 trip installation? I don't mind 1 trip installation but is there any scenario where 2 trips will be required?

What other things I should raise?

Lastly, anyone heard of Bright Sea Airconditioning & Kaisoon??

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