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Ouch, that sound really bad ... How long have you been using it bro?

Mine has minor prob compare to yours. One of them will not blow cold air from time to time, so I have to switch off and on, then hope for the best. The 'auto-clean' function also not working. The other one in the living is rarely use but still working alright.

Luckily the one in the mbr is functioning just right and I hope it last. Gonna cost me a lot if I have to rerun the pipes.

Bro, can you share your service technician that know how to repair it. Thanks.
Coming 7 years old.

The guys who helped me repair were from Cool Serve and they did a decent job. But one fan coil after another.. part after part... even they were not happy with it.

I am re-running the pipes, got mine from All Best last time and they messed up. Gotta tear down my wardrobe and re-assemble to settle it or the first fan coil cannot be taken down
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