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Thanks for your reply. But what would cause a person to lose insurability? If I'm in my twenties, the chances of becoming ininsurable within, say, the next 10 years should be quite low right?
Do you cross the road in SG?
A drunk driver, a speeding driver and a driver who is talking on the handphone. These are merely a small portion of the group that will cause you to lose your insurability within the next 10 years if you ever meet one of them.

Even if i can give you an answer both practically and mathematically for the chances of you becoming ininsurable, it would also require you to believe my answer.

Even if you have the belief in me, you still need to make the conscientious effort to go get the term plan.

So at the end of the day, everything still need to start and end with yourself.

Do you still want my answer?

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