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Service/Repair for a gameboy colour in singapore?

Hey there,

(sorry, I don't know if this is an appropriate post for this forum, first time posting)

I opened my trusted gameboy color box today for the first time in, like, 8 years, to unfortunately find the screen wrinkled and somewhat cracked. I'm not sure how that happened, perhaps the container dropped over the years and no one noticed the damage, or the heat of Singapore got the better of it.

Anyway, as far as I can tell, the unit is fully functional. It powers on fine, the power led is bright red, I hear the boot up "ta-ding". I can also see some movements on the few pixels of the screen which are not dead and I can hear game music. So basically... I just need a new screen.

I went to 3 game shops in simlim where the shop keepers tried their best to not laugh in my face when I told them I wanted to repair the unit. "did you mean a DS?" "no, a gameboy color" "that's old" "I know" "like more than 10 years" "I know" (my unit is from 1999)

Well so these guys can't help me, but I figure that if there is a vintage repair service shop somewhere in Singapore, you guys at HWZ would know about it. So if you do, please pass me the details, I'd very much appreciate it

Thanks in advance,

PS: In case anyone's wondering why I still want my gameboy. Nintendo builds things like tanks, I always assumed it's survive time and that I'd be able to pass it to my kids someday. Well, my son turned 5 and I think he could have a game of super mario land on this. I'm very disappointed it's not working :/
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