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I know seow choon games does repair. Maybe can ask them?
yea, buying one from ebay or from others is cheaper than repairing (if any), cos e replacement screen still needs to come from another gbc. I also wanted to repair my gameboy pocket screen, but bought one gbc from ebay instead, cost me lik 40sgd with shipping, which i think is cheap.
try buying one faulty gbc from forum like hardwarezone, sg forum,flowerpod n etc will be cheaper & better since u just need 2 transfer e screen over.


warning: everything doesnt work. and there's no battery cover.
Selling two Gameboy Color, one button spoiled, one all still working.

Green Gameboy Color:
- Able to switch on power
- Able to read game
- Volume is fine
- 'A' button spoiled
- Start button slightly spoiled, press it hard down and it still can work

Price: $30

Gameboy not working condition.Can't be used.I might as well sell it to those who want it and the pokemon games too.

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