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Hi all, i am kind of new here and have a noobie question to ask. So i shall apologize if my questions is too dumb

I was approached by a IFA through my friend (his client) that recommended him to me. The IFA is from Unicorn financial services (anyone heard of them?) I was quite skeptical of this firm as their website [ Unicorn Financial Solutions looks kind of brief and does not allow me to find out more information about them.

Nevertheless, last week, i decided to meet up with the IFA to give my friend face.
Initially it felt that he was talking some sense, talking about how to achieve financial freedom like setting goals putting aside money for dollar cost averaging. But as the talk went by he started to talk about how easy it was to make money and how rich he boss was and etc, and i took that as tell-tales sign of MLM, and i was confuse whether if i should trust him?

So is this company the new face of MLM or have I accused a honest IFA that just want to give me good financial advise?
Dollar cost averaging meant that you are investing a fix amount of money every month. Stock price high, you buy little, stock price low you get more. Averaging out, your dollar per stock is averaged out. I don't see the point why he must raise the wealthiness of his boss to you. What products have he advice you on?
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