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Dollar cost averaging meant that you are investing a fix amount of money every month. Stock price high, you buy little, stock price low you get more. Averaging out, your dollar per stock is averaged out. I don't see the point why he must raise the wealthiness of his boss to you. What products have he advice you on?
Yea thats what he told me too. As of now he still have not advice me to buy anything. (maybe he is baiting me slowly? 放长线钓大鱼 ) However for my friend (his client) he has asked him to fork out 100 dollar every month to do dollar cost averaging (it has been five month for now ), but so far the unicorn FA has only bought insurance for my friend. The insurance i am not sure about the details but i know that its from tokyo marine. Therefore, i see him more like an insurance agent that ask his client 1st before he even generate wealth for him/her

On the other hand, maybe he wants to help him to take care of his health protection 1st? Thats why i am so confused and i don't want my friend to get conned

If you need more info i will be glad to provide if i can. And thanks for reply

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