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Hi Terumo,
thanks for reply.yes even i feel cost very high as he quoted me 10.4 k with aircons and installation.for installation only 5.2k , when i check the cost of aircons with 2 stores and they work out about 7-7.4k . so naturally the contractor cost is high as he wants to supply the aircons as well.but i rather get the aircons from a store that provides 5 years warranty which his company does not.yes will get another quote.

as the job is totally concealed thus need a very reliable contractor but not sure which contractor is reliable.are the gain city contractors reliable?

also from this thread and from friends i gather mitsubishi elec inverter aircons to be very reliable and good.however the wife does not like the design of the blowers and prefers Panasonic as reliable as Mitsubishi elec?
thanks in advance for help.


where to buy aircon from store which provide 5 years warranty? the 5 years warranty is on parts and compressors. or 5 years on compressors and 1 years on parts?
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