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>>> Head/earphones Recommendations Thread

This thread serves as a Q&A section for all new/existing audiophiles seeking advice on their next headphone purchase!

The rules are simple, no flaming/bashing and try not to post irrelevant post.

You may ask us headphone/earphone related question and fellow audiophiles are free tow assist you.

To get a proper recommendation without wasting several posts, please stick to the following format. Just cut and paste in your request post.

- Your rig (mp3 players, amps, soundcard etc)
- What type of usage (movies/ gaming/ music etc)
- File format used in your source (i.e. flac, mp3 etc)
- Genre of music you listen to (classical, jazz, metal, etc)
- Headphone / earphone type (closed, open, cirumaural, IEM etc)
- Other requirements (if any) (mic, volume control, 5.1ch, 7.1ch etc)
- Budget (in figures)

Do encourage new comers to read up a little for a better understanding on the different types and application of headphones as well as the usual terminology in use here.

Do seek all forumners' support on this effort to clean up the messy state of this forum with related discussions spread over unending new recommendation request topics popping up everyday.

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