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They have it over at head-fi as well but the problem was not everyone's request was answered.
Nobody owes anybody an answer, it is a free world. It is just too messy over here for anyone to get any recommendation at all.

If all forumners can co-operate and keep all headphones recommendation requests and replies in one thread instead of starting a couple of new topics everyday, others will be drawn to this forum knowing where to look for answers specifically.

For example, @blazefire999 could have posted over here in the proposed format instead of starting a new topic:

"Currently using a beats Studio, intending to change a brand new headphone. Looking out for headphones that has strong bass like studio and it must be comfortable. Anyone can recommend?"

@kaltzbalger or any other forumners would have been able to provide a recommendation straight off instead of having to clarify with @blazefire:

"How much is your budget? Music preference?"

If @blazefire were to have posted here as follows:

- Your rig (mp3 players, amps, soundcard etc)
- What type of usage (movies/ gaming/ music etc)
- File format used in your source (i.e. flac, mp3 etc)
- Genre of music you listen to (classical, jazz, metal, etc)
- Headphone / earphone type (closed, open, cirumaural, IEM etc)
- Other requirements (if any) (mic, volume control, 5.1ch, 7.1ch etc)

@kaltzbalger or any other forumners would have been able to provide a relevant recommendation straight away.

With this format applied to a dedicated recommendation for DAC/Amps as well, could have easily eliminated 40% of the replicating topics here.

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