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Originally posted by Zacxaviqer
There are rumors abt Totti to Milan as well...
I dun understand Milan wanted to sign a 32 going to be 33 yr old right back... At most, he'll last for 2 yrs and after that, We'll have to look for a new rb to replace him... Now, We are pending money on his wages for the next 2 yrs and when he retire, We have to look for another RB in the market and that will cost Milan another sum of money... They might as well look for a young RB now rather than to change the RB after just 2 yrs...
i dun really want Tottil to join AC Milan. Imagine 1st Nesta and now Totti, it's too much for Rome fans (both Roma & Lazio) to take it.

One should go is Sensi. He always claim he love Roma but he actually ruined Roma.
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