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Hi John, I was also researching on aircon 2 or 3 weeks ago. Just to answer your queries and share some info.

1. Do i still need to apply for a permit for the installation of 15amps power outlet?
Ans: Please consult HDB Guidelines for Air-Conditioners Installation Works web page.

Depending on your block and estate, you may or may not need. Newer or upgraded flats with 40 Amps main switch will not need a permit. For older flats with 30 Amps main switch, if you're installing a new 15 Amps power point, you'll need. In any case, your air-con installation team should be able to advise.

You can also double-check and confirm online your block's electrical loading or call the toll-free HDB Branch Office Service Line at 1800-2255432.

2. Is Daikin MA56EV1 2XFT25DVM sufficient enough for both rooms?
Depends on your room sizes. Your outdoor compressor unit MA56EV1 is definitely powerful enough for 2 rooms, since it can even do 3 or 4 rooms, though probably not optimal.

You can use online btu calculators like this or this to estimate if your indoor fan coil units are powerful enough. Again, your aircon dealer and installation team who recce your house should be able to advise accordingly.

You can opt for FT35DVM fan coils if you have bigger rooms. I think MA56EV1 can still handle 2 x FT35DVM very well.

3. Our normal usage is from 10pm to 6am daily
If both rooms are air-conditioned concurrently, it should be fine to get non-inverter aircon. Little to no cost savings from electrical bills can be obtained from inverter model if your usage pattern is like this.

4. Heard coolserve was ok in installation, any other suggestions?
Some people recommend Hong Tar in this forum perhaps from positive customer experience. But if you're jittery, you may want to stick to bigger dealers like Courts or Gain City, where they can't possibly run away or deny responsibilities if the aircon system or installation go awry.

Nevertheless, air-con installation can be a hit-and-miss affair. Some customers have positive experience with one company, while some others may have problems with the same company.

Note: I must stress that I'm not affiliated with any of the dealers mentioned above, I do not have any vested interest in them and I do not have any personal experience with them as a customer. I am not trying to promote them and I cannot vouch for their product/service quality.

In many cases, air-con installation service is outsourced to third party companies, so there is no guarantee that if you order from a particular dealer with many positive reviews or track records, you will be assured of a positive trouble-free customer experience, though reputation and reviews from past customers can still be reassuring. Conversely, dealers with poor track records can provide positive experience for some of their customers.

Much depends on which installation team get assigned to your order and this process is pretty opaque. You don't really have a choice or get to pick the team yourself. So much depends on luck.

Price-wise, it is pretty competitive. Price differences for same air-con configuration between dealers usually hover +/- $200 which is not much, and sometimes it may be good to pay a little bit more for quality installation service than to end up with more troubles and to keep haggling the dealer to send someone down to fix up problems later on. May not be wise to pick the cheapest one. Again installation service quality is hard to prove or judge at the beginning when choosing a dealer to place your order. Only when the team arrives to install or when you call up for after-sale support service, you can see its level of professionalism and dedication to perform the service.

Hope my info helps.
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