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That being said, I find the package too good to be true. I training you for 2 years for free? Also, why should it take that long to train u just in some simple drafting software. Sounds a little fishy if you ask me.

No offence to anyone who might be supporters of the company or its activities and employment packages.

I would like to hear more feedback from those who have worked with this company though. Please share your experience with us, especially any local engineering grads. Thank you.
btw, ur right dat its a gd deal. if u ask me, aceplp got no choice but 2 do so cuz the industry got very few locals qualify 2 do dis jobs. no choice but to train us cuz otherwise got biz oso cannot do. dats y dere r so many FTs in dis industry, n u tink MNC wan 2 bother wif sgpreans who cant be bother? i hear many coys just rotate their talent to sg office or outsource overseas. wad 2 do? though i may be born and bred in sg, i muz say many sgporeans are damn stuckup n lazy. juz look at de posts in dis thread!! such situations is call "oportunity" n u shuld tk advantage, but dun turn ard n bite de hand tt feed u, lyk some ppl posting here. dis kind sure gots bad karma.
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