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Are you IT savvy in the industry ? I'm just giving people with such skill sets to setup web proxy that can bypass the loophole that PPSTV setup. If you are not, then just stick with paid VPN.

I don't see any page of such information around. This is kinda niche. Reason I use this method is because I know proxy on ipad will not work for PPSTV. They uses a local server running in the app to circumvent any proxy settings and will mess up the traffic flow of the application. The only way is intercept the application in the middle of the internet traffic for port 80 traffic via transparent proxy and insert the X-Forwarded-For header into the http traffic.

You will need the following skillset

1) Understand how network runs including the idea of gateway
2) Able to setup a Apache web server running as transparent proxy with the necessary headers changing configuration
3) Able to configure the linux server firewall to reroute http traffic into the local apache web server during ingress and proceed for egress via the web server

But all you get from these tedious work is no paid service required to watch TVB movies in your PPSTV ipad. Doesn't work for PPTV though.
Thanks for elaborating further.
Unfortunately, I guess I will have to stick to paid VPN for the time being.
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