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So I posted this on Superfuture, figured might as well do it on here as well.

So I've been using the hairbond moulder & distorter for a week now, here are my reviews.

Similar to Sebastian's Craft clay, but cheaper, easier to apply and wash off. It melts and spreads well in my palms, unlike other clays where you really have to rub your palms together to ensure even distribution.

Great for layered or disheveled styles and bangs, like what those brit rock indie band hairstyles.

Only drawback is hold. If you want an all day hold, need to combine with hairspray (although IMO for brit rock styles, minimal hairspray is preferred. It will look more natural and un-forced)

I was quite eagerly anticipating this after seeing all the online reviews. Honestly, its good. Real good. If you want to get that matte male model quiff hairdo on the runway, this will help a lot.

Let's see. Completely matte, decent hold, really easy to spread and distribute into my palms (was surprised by this, usually similar products are much "harder" and more "solid"), and if applied in proper amounts essentially makes your hair look like nothing was in it.

For the male model quiff, please use with hairspray. Else, Moulder itself is enough.

Youtube thestrangerspeak's video on male model quiffs. Basically sums up my thoughts, athough IMO he uses too much spray haha.

If I had to pick one, I would go with Moulder. Combined it with spray for quiffs, used it on its own for lazy days where I just do a side-swept fringe. Also, decent pricing too.

You can get both and other stuff (like craft clay) on this site. Free shipping (but 3 weeks wait) :
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