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Companies like aceplp market themselves as training providers but it is actually a kind of recruitment agency whereby they enslave workers to them through some kind of one sided contract and force their employees to work for them for a period of time until contract ends. The so-called trainings are mainly provided by themselves and then they will demand payment for these trainings if you try to leave the company.

The problem is, the trainers may also be internally certified, meaning its all a self proclaim system. One of my friends joined the company and is being forced to work there until the contract ends. He said that they did not indicate alot of details in the contract but upon signing, the company will add in the company's set of rules that is way stricter than the contract but by then, employees cannot do anything but get stuck in the company and get constant threats by the management if employees even thought about leaving.

In my opinion, if you google online, there is tons of drafter jobs available in the market, and it does mean that you can only get exposure through aceplp. Its just some brain washing technique the company uses against individual.
This is definitely like a job if u ask me. The trainee’s CPF are paid by aceplp – a recruitment agency will never do that.

The company is willing to provide FREE training with basic salary. Trainees will have 2 months indoor training with good support from the trainers before going out to other company clients. The 2 years of job posting is another great way to gain work experience for their future. If they want to be successful in this line of career, this training is a good way to start.

Free Training of course does not come free. Their contracts will have a bond for 2 years with training included. Similar with almost every other jobs out with Free Training such as being an SIA air stewardess. Air stewardesses also are bonded for 2 years after their Training in make-up, food service etc. My friend had to pay the full training fees when she decided to quit before the bond ends.

As for the Trainers, they are professionals in the field. Like teachers from schools, they are authorized to teach. They are qualified through various professional certifications and Trainer’s courses, which are required for the company to be authorized to train by Autodesk. I also know they are a training partner of Bentley. Not anyhow licensed like what you mean.

I feel like aceplp are already very kind to give such training/ opportunity. So please don’t talk bad about them.

There are tons of drafting jobs but how are you going to get into one these days without experience? I consider myself very lucky to have been trained by aceplp, otherwise I would never get a drafting job.
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