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Not much savings lah.

CWG only charge US$11 to ship to SG for a Nook.

wai sho cheap! I ship mai Nookie Touch from B&N, 15USD!

TL;DR for people looking to choose which forwarder,

vPOST if you're willing to take risks of it getting delivered late/lost/ singpost ninjas (just leave slip there machiam ninja, never bother to deliver, you won't even realise they were there )

Borderlinx if you use Citi.

CGW for all other rubbish. Known for charging you anyhow on volumetric weight tho.

BL & CGW use DHL.
BL sometimes have promo codes.
SingPost charge by first 0.5kg, then 0.1 subsequently. (Cheaper for smaller packages).

That's all. Pardon me if any of the above info is incorrect, read thru all 88 pages, head abit gong liao

Edit: Alternatives: MyUS, shophopgo, borderless (under CGW), (something-tag, can't remember!)

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