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Wow. big hoohah here. anyway, i'm also looking for a job now and this job seems like quite a good thing. don't understand why there's so much negativity here. i mean, isn't it reasonable to expect to be bonded if the company puts inexperienced people through training and sends them out to get experience? after all they've gotta protect their investment and also their reputation. even govt bodies also bond people haha!
if the company gets funding, good for them right? what has it gotta do with the staff?

P.S. sounds like they hire inexperienced ppl, if i have no engineering background, will they hire me?
Yes exactly! Being bonded into companies that gives free training and job posting experience is of course expected.
I also don't understand why there is so much negativity towards the company. Maybe they just don't understand.

And yes, they do hire inexperienced as there will be trainers to help out.
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