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I am currently using this vpn service You may want to try the free signup which enable you to have a 24 hours free trial using either their US, UK or NL vpn. No credit card needed unlike many others vpn providers that either do not offers trial or they requires ton of information before letting you try so you got nothing to lose.

I personally tried this is China and I have no problem accessing facebook and youtube. So far the speed is quite smooth and the price is unbeatable, only US$38.99 per year. They also offer you a 30day money back guarantee.

Maybe the only downside is that you need to choose a specific server like either US or UK. For me, I chose the UK vpn because I use it to watch mainly bbc channels and for the Euro period which can be stream online using iplayer. I can only say it is smooth and better than those unstable streaming websites. Haha.. Sorry Singtel and Starhub.

Anyway, sorry for the WOT. Just wanted to provide my 2cents.

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