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i could contribute to this thread, last 9 months i have shipped approx. 30 shipments.
first half use Vpost second half hopshopgo/CGW. just paid for a borderlinx shipment, that marks my first.
Below are my observations

General Info

  • uses speedpost
  • definitely slower unless ur package reaches b4 friday. they ship weekly on friday, unsure if they have changed this system havnt used in a few months
  • usually cheapest baring any promotion by CGW/hopshopgo/borderlinx
  • calculates payment in SGD

  • uses DHL
  • hopshopgo is CGW, u can treat it as such but with a permanent 10% off CGW rates but uses Paypal only
  • faster than Vpost
  • calculates payment in USD


  • tracking is not accurate
  • cheapest? yup, they also count per 0.1kg
  • 1 of my shipments almost got eaten up but their call center manager managed to get the warehouse guys to do their work
  • Insurance is EXPENSIVE

  • DHL tracking is awesome, almost real time tracking,
  • its possible to call and arrange for a specific range of delivery time (morning/afternoon/night), call only after they reach SG!
  • Counts in steps of 0.5kg, more expensive than Vpost
  • Insuranace inclusive in shipping cost
  • Route taken, (US) OR--> (US) OH --> HK --> SG
    with OR--> leaving OH happening on the same day (SG time)

Shipping time

  • ordering when peak season (black friday - new year's day) shipping definitely takes 2 weeks
  • Usually slowest, unless ur package reach when on the shipping day then same as CGW//Hopshopgo
  • typically takes 5-10 days to deliver depending on when ur package reaches Vpost in US, baring any shipment lost/delay

  • Standard service: waits for 2 business days b4 passing to DHL

    2 business days + 3 days (including weekends) = delivery time (only business days!)

    Baring any Holidays/unforeseeable events (all in SG time):
    pay on friday deliver on thurs
    pay on mon deliver friday

  • Express: pass to DHL the next day (pay on friday SG afternoon time, Sat. morning wake up package with DHL)

    Next Business day + 3 days (including weekends) = delivery time (only business days!)

    Baring any Holidays/unforeseeable events (all in SG time):
    Pay on Friday, deliver by Monday
    pay on Tuesday delivery on Thurs/Friday

  • both standard and express are IDENTICAL in the eyes of DHL, they are both DHL express with only difference being when CGW pass to DHL

Shipment Delivery Condition

  • Flawless condition, be it boxes or envelopes

  • Boxes almost always comes damaged, but the packing by merchant helps in my stuffs survives the trip and that includes a hard disk!
  • Envelopes are comes in good condition as it is repacked with DHL envelopes

Opening of boxes

  • Doesn't open ur packages

  • Will open ur boxes/envelopes!! but not individuals item packing

woah thx it helps a lot =)
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