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Definitely no.

We have too much defective units in the first batch, won't appear in our MO to avoid complains and hassles.

Anyway the price of the higher value Pixie in the MO, is already lower than the Retail price for the U machine sold in the boutique.

Why not reconsider?

Comparison and difference between U vs Citiz/Pixie - View Single Post - Nespresso User Club
i see. Thanks! haven been thinking about getting the Citiz/Pixie ever since they came out abt 2-3 yrs ago.

the "automation" part was also my main concern for U series when it comes to maintenance and making sure machine parts which come in contact with water are clean.

but of course if there are more feedback regarding the U series VS Citiz/Pixie, it would be even better to allow me make clearer decisions.
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