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yu wait long long for free lunch!

I know few people who worked in Aceplp before and some who are currently working there, non of them have anything good to say about Aceplp.
Sure they give trainings, in-house training, industrial attachment and many more. These trainings and attachments are not worth of 2 year bond with them. Most of these trainings can be done at local poly or ntuc for a cheaper amount.

When they say job posting, ppl have to remember that Aceplp is just sending you out on contract work. Most of these companies have no intention of hiring you once u finish your contract there. All u learn is how to use the software, 90% of the time you just follow ur superior's order, draw this and draw that. Very few ppl get the chance to learn the actual thing.

Lets talk about the pay, the basic salary they are paying for a fresh poly graduate is less than, what i got in 2005 as a fresh poly graduate.

Their Terms and Conditions are more complex than and starhub 2year contract. At any point if u break the bond for a variety of reasons you are liable to pay damages in the range of 10 thousands.

Conclusion : If you are a fresh poly graduate interested in engineering design, could not find work for the past 3 months, do not mind low pay, you can consider AcePLP.

Eh brother...yu need to be more realistic sia... no such thing as free lunch in this world pls. And paid lunches also have diff price ok... Even yur parent brought yu up and pay for yur education, they will expect yu to take care of them when they aged. Do yu noe tt expenses for one old folk in nursing home is like, S$2,000 per person per mth? If they happen to be placed in homes for 1 year, yu have to spend S$24,000 per year per parent!
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