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Good prog

When they say job posting, ppl have to remember that Aceplp is just sending you out on contract work.

Lets talk about the pay, the basic salary they are paying for a fresh poly graduate is less than, what i got in 2005 as a fresh poly graduate.
Cmon every project deal of course comes with contract. If not how can company do business? I work 3 months for client A, 2 months for client B, now on my 3rd client. Experience is varied and it has been challenging for me. Iím learning so much!! ITís exactly the point of the program.

The HR explinaed before that this is a Traineeís salary. I go through training and got experience under a traineeship scheme and still get pay. Even tho it is less but end of day, I also know that NO such thing as free lunch. I think quite a fair arrangement as far as I can see. Can go to a few different client places, and actually 2 years just nice work period. Itís a SUPER good deal I signed up for.
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