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Hi! this line of work you mean drafting? Since your contract is almost up, maybe your exposure has already given you an idea if you truly like the work. For me, that was one thing I considered when I applied for the job. A second thing I considered is whether I will be able to springboard myself into a better/higher-ranking position in this industry.

Perhaps you could see if there are higher-ranking positions for you out there before you decide if you want to continue in this line of work? You could also ask aceplp if they could transfer you to a client? I was told that that's a gigantic possibility and that they would help to ensure that you would either get a better position and/or higher pay
Hi, thanks for your reply... I did put some thought in this some time back already.. I dun mind doing drafting... I kinda like it... But i just think that I won't have what it takes to move up the ladder in this industry.. the long 6 days working week and the need to hussle back and forth constantly between the office and site is a big turn off for me... BTW I'm currently with a construction company... My current PM has already tried to persuade me to join them before... Still I'm in a limbo and are considering my options...
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