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Hi everyone, I'm currently still contracted to aceplp. Didn't expected to find a thread on this... But my contract is almost finishing... Dunnoe weather to continure in this line of work? Anybody care to advise?
gd career prospects, constructin industy is immune to recession! of cuz stay on lah, dun waste de time u spend in this trainee prog... use de contacts tt u have build to look 4 a gd job next.. trust me wif de tech skills u learn frm dis prog, u r surely a gd catch to other coys. many diff career path u can choose in engineering, e.g. planner, engineer, bim specialist, etc....

i suggst chk wif de aceplp hr on de salary u shld aim to get or ask them help u find ur next job thru their client network, they r willing to help! i did tt so i knw... in fact they will also help u negotiate salary matters with next coy...
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