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Thumbs up [Gaming] Star Citizen / Squadron 42 / EDGE Foundation Asia Fleet

Enlist here @ the RSI website



For those unsure about pledging for Star Citizen here's a flowchart:

Organizations are up! To those that have already joined welcome to the friendliest fleet in the region! And for those who have not, what you waiting for? <-- please register here!

Asia fleet thread: EDGE Foundation


Extended trailer:


Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris Roberts.

A rich universe focused on epic space adventure, trading and dogfighting in first person.
Single Player – Offline or Online
Persistent Universe (hosted by US)
No Subscriptions
No Pay to Win

Other quick questions:
Can I have a medium-sized ship with a single launchable fighter aboard? Yes.
Can I get out of my ship and shoot people in first- or third-person combat? Yes.
Can I hijack an enemy ship? Yes.
Can other players hijack my ship? Yes.
Will there be location-specific damage on spaceships? Yes.
Will there be customizable weapons on hardpoints? Yes.
Can I play with a mouse? Yes.
A gamepad? Yes.
A joystick? Yes.
Will it support Oculus Rift? Yes.
Will it take user-created content (ships, etc) and sell it, splitting revenue with creators? Yes.

What will the gameplay be like? (taken from the FAQ)
Star Citizen will feature gameplay similar to the original Wing Commander and Privateer, with a more realistic physics system. This means that it is NOT a ‘click to kill’ interface like most modern MMOs; your success in combat is going to depend as much on your skill with a space fighter as it will with your ship upgrades and your pocket book.
Main site: Roberts Space Industries

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