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Old article, but maybe worth reading as an informative reference...

more @

and Facebook group:

Ship stats comparisons (Thx DF):

additional post reserved for pledging and LTI details.
below is a comparison of pre- & post- 26 Nov 2012 and 6 July 2013 ship prices.
Original & Veteran backers (pre- 26 Nov 2012 accounts) can still purchase ships at their lower prices, and gift them to anyone.

For LTI clarification, please see the link below the image. My recommendation, if you are interested and trust the original backer, then get the ship from the original backer.

Price comparison for packaged ships (between OB & VB). If you want to access the alpha/beta, you'll need to get a package (Mercenary & above, except for OB's Digital Scouts - running out fast!)

Prices for non-packaged ships. (these are just the ships alone, without the frills like star-map, alpha/beta access etc)

Pilot & ship roster:

1. Pyre: RSI Aurora LX (Exploration / Light Mercantile)
2. NVDefender : Origin 300i (Dogfighting / Courier)
3. BlackSmokeInTheSky: RSI Aurora
4. casvel: RSI Aurora
5. LesPhantom: RSI Aurora
6. boucyfirebal: MISC Freelancer
7. Repsol_2: Anvil Aerospace Hornet
8. eminus: RSI Aurora
9. Artermiz: RSI Aurora
10. retlif: Origin 300i
11. DragonFire: Aurora LX/M50/300i/Cutlass/Hornet/Gladiator/Caterpillar/Freelancer/Constellation/Starfarer/Retaliator/Scythe/Idris
12: Keiran_Halcyon: Origin 300i
13: exeQuisite: Freelancer
14. Mycrus: Constellation
15. SkiP07: Freelancer
16. Repsol_2: Hornet & Freelancer
17. KWSW: RSI Aurora
18. Atreyu: RSI Aurora
19. iceteo: RSI Aurora
20. alibababags: RSI Aurora
21. tlkchew: RSI Constellation
22. Moka: RSI Aurora
23. Awago: RSI Aurora
24. Catbert : MISC Freelancer
25. JoraM: Idris Corvette, Cutlass, Retaliator Heavy Bomber, MISC Starfarer Tanker, Drake Interplanetary Caterpillar, M50, Constellation
26. Xenefur: Anvil Aerospace Hornet
27. ReallyFlakey : MISC Freelancer
28. Nash Debonair: Constellation/Hornet/Cutlass
29. Boltstorm: Aurora LX
30. Flanky: Aurora LX
31. Nitrile: RSI Aurora
32: xhitsu: RSI Aurora
33. reserved for pilot

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