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so early say it will oscar best film ? haven even see other contenders.

the last cia related movie i watch is naomi watts and sean penn.

hope this movie is better.
I agree it is still early to predict a film's Oscar success but I just don't see any potential upsets this year. Spielberg's Lincoln is too preachy for some but it may produce some acting awards. The Silver Linings Playbook may get a screenplay award. Ang Li's Life Of Pi? I just don't think so. Hobbit may get some technical awards but not the critical ones.

Argo is not only a crowd pleaser but a critics darling as well, putting Hollywood in favourable light as it helped with the hostage rescue mission. Moreover, nothing pleases Hollywood more than to award an underdog in Ben Affleck who has made a comeback of sorts with some great directorial work in Gone Baby Gone and The Town after that fiasco involving the mega flop Gigli and his relationship with Jennifer Lopez.

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