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wah.. to get into beta, must buy within this few days ?
This campaign has been going on for more than a month liao, just that it only got posted on HWZ at the last moment

Those that like space combat sims like the good old X-Wing, TIE Fighter, Wing Commander, Freespace, Starlancer, Freelancer, I'd urge you guys to pledge for this project. Even thou it's reached 2x its initial goal, the more money it gets, the better the game it'll turn out eventually. It's pretty sad that space combat games have almost died out completely the past decade, with Freelancer in 2003 being the last triple A release. If this project succeeds, it'll likely lead other developers/publishers back into the genre again. If it fails, probably we won't see any triple A space combat game for a long time to come.

Plus, as PC enthusiasts, don't you want something to show off your powerful rigs rather than those countless console ports?
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