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depends on individual needs. Atom processing sucks big time BUT battery is simply amazing.
Those on the go would love the atom as they are required to 'work' on occasions whilst on the go and not do heavy duty work (like myself). The occasions when I need to work outside , yes it does suck but I have to leave with the lagging and hanging. I have a main PC at home to do my heavy duty work and all files synced by skydrive

If its going to be at home most of the time, then do not get the atom, you will vomit blood. Since battery is not a much concern (you only bring out once a while), then get the i5, i7 models --- but then again, why not just get a normal laptop at a cheaper price.
if work refer to MS Office, the RT version is sufficient and you don't even need atom for that.

the reason behind getting a iCore even though it is more expensive is that it is both a laptop (similar processing power to ultrabook) and tablet. and if you compare that to buying a laptop and tablet separately, the cost actually add up.
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