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The new Clovertrail dual-core Atoms with Hyperthreading is very decent if you need it for entertainment & some work. Obviously if work is compiling in VS, then Atoms will leave you frustrated but for many people, including students, businessmen, housewife & retirees who don't need the power, Atom is much faster than Win RT on Tegra 3. Maybe Win RT on Qualcomm will be faster than Atom but I doubt it.

Atoms are usually used in larger tablets so it can accommodate a larger battery hence longer battery life. All things considered the Clovertrail Atom SoC uses around 10W TDP which is still more than ARM based CPU but I'd gladly use it because it also come bundled with a more powerful GPU compared to most ARM platforms.

Intel also recently bought the GPU/MPU division from Creative to bolster the Intel GMA Media & 3D capabilities.

For me, it's straight forward, Core i5 speed is addictive. I'd sacrifice battery for speed any day. Estimated 6 hours usage in Surface Pro is still very good!
student like me using VS 2010 for programming is a must to get i core processor. now waiting for surface pro to be out.
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