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I like to announce that the Special Reserve: Hawaii Kona is now sold out.
Those who bought any, you are the luckiest.
You definitely have the best story to tell to any Nespresso addicts or coffee connoisseurs.

The only place i know which is still selling is New Zealand, they are retailing at NZ$40 and supplies are surely drying up as the world is now looking at them.

Just some interesting information:
They are now sold at US$30-US$50 a tube

20 Capsules Nespresso Kona Limited Edition Special Reserve SOLDOUT Hawaii Sleeve | eBay
Hawaii KONA Special Reserve Nespresso Capsules - City of Toronto Buy & Sell Goods - Kijiji City of Toronto Canada.
Nespresso Hawaii Kona 20 Capsules 2012 Limited Edition Special Reserve Sold Out | eBay
The Perfect Holiday Gift 50 Nespresso Caps Hawaii Kona Special Reserve Sold Out | eBay

Consider that the first few limited editions like Ensibuko or Bourbon Amarelo were selling at 5-10x the price. I'm not surprised the Special Reserve will be selling at US$100-US$200 a tube soon.
Hi~ do u still have it? Please pm me. Thanks!
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