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HWZ GoPro users

Hi fellow GoPro Enthusiast
this is a good POV camera for action and sports capturing your moments. GoPro1 and 2 have the same body so their accessories are mostly interchangeable. The GoPro3 is a new body altogether so you would need to upgrade some of your old accessories (ie LCD bacpac....) Good news ithey still use the same back case and the mounts are still the same!
I've used it as an in-car camera (Good wide angle of view though battery life will suck) and for biking trips.

GoPro official web:
Local Distributor is Streamcast Asia
iOS app:

just sharing with all of you

Local RRP for GoPro3
  • Black Edition: $599
  • Silver Edition: $469
  • White Edition: $329

Local RRP for accessories:
  • Roll Bar Mount: $51
  • Helmet Strap Mount: $27
  • Floaty Backdoor: $27
  • Flat Adhesive Mounts: $35
  • Curved Adhesive Mounts: $35
  • Helmet Front Mount: $23
  • Grab Bag Mounts: $35
  • Suction Cup Mount: $35
  • Tripod Mount: $14
  • Chesty: $64
  • Wrist Housing: $66
  • Replacement HD Hero1/2 housing $66
  • Lens Replacement $35
  • 3D Hero System $185
  • LCD BacPac $134

SHARE your homemade shots/video here!
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