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decided to jump boat to CGW/borderlinx.
today missed 9 parcels from vpost and they die die refused to redeliver until i pay the redelivery fee: minimum of $10 per parcel or go down to the nearest post office to collect

I don't have car/maid leh wtf. how to carry 9 parcels?
even take taxi also must carry the parcels to the taxi stand.

The most stupidest thing is they cannot advice on the actual redelivery cost, so I must go down to the post office to PAY for the redelivery cost. WTF to the max. I hope they will see losses in the subsequent quarters.
I just confirmed with vPost what you mentioned about them doing away with the complimentary redelivery is true. Now, there are only 2 options: Paid redelivery or self-collection from the post office.

A slight correction to what you mentioned though is the $10 for a redelivery request is only for the first 3 kg of your total shipment; the heavier your total shipment is, the more expensive the redelivery will be. Redelivery from them used to be free but now it seems that they are charging almost every single damn thing at the nearest opportunity.

I still use vPost once in a while if I anticipate that I would have many shipments to consolidate so as to avoid the GST. Apparently, it's about time for a complete rethink over this strategy.
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