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jazdrive: thanks for the clarification about the 1st 3kg thing. I have spoken to TWO CSO and NONE of them can tell me how much except 'it all depends on your parcel' good job. I guess the lamest part is that you actually have to go down to the post office to make payment (yes, staring sadly at the parcels you aren't able to carry home)

I just kena the incident with 8 parcels and my superhero mom actually pushed the trolley with my kid bro to get them for me (disclaimer: i didn't demand her to). I was like so heartbroken when she told me. I have another 20+ parcels coming and god knows what happen if she happens to step out for a short moment... and I am actually afraid that the postman will just put the notification slip w/o bringing my parcels.

I now have a stupid question, if an item is marked as gift, is it possible to declare a lower value?
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