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I have recently started using Borderlinx service. Three sets of orders / parcels. All arrived within one week after orders were placed.

My observations are as follows:
1. Declared price for some items were wrong but I supposed it was the fault of the merchant. In fact a few of my purchases were under-declared with worked in my favour. You can op to amend the declared price by emailing them the invoice of the transaction. They will make the change within minutes (at least in my case).
2. Customer service via chat function is quite ok. Help me to solve my problem with the wrong declared price.
3. So far the volumetric weight of the parcels for all the 3 orders are correct. One particular item was packed in larger than expected box by the merchant. I contacted Borderlinx and was told to do own measurement and to contact them again. Finally confirmed that the parcel was packed in larger box. This cost me additional USD20+ on the overall shipment.
4. Deliveries were both consistently fast.
5. The only problem was the delivery to doorstep. There was no advance notification and DHL ended up wasted their first trip. The attempted delivery was only updated on the online tracking site hours later. The packages were later redelivered without extra charges. For my second and third orders, once the packages arrived in Singapore (as reflected by the tracking site), I immediately called DHL to arrange delivery during specific time. So far no more issue.
6. It is very very easy to get through to DHL customer service via local hotline unlike services by others e.g. Starhub hotlines. It is also easy to reschedule redelivery.

So far no problem with Borderlinx. One personal note is that the shipment cost are sometimes higher than the item itself. So you might want to consider this when buying from overseas. I think it's still worth it as some of the items cannot be found locally or can be bought online at a steep discount.
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