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jazdrive: can you explain the "It's possible but not always possible because different merchants pack item marked as gift differently." my friend actually marked as gift and declare those stuff as $1 o.0
I guess what's even more jalat is that those parcels can only be kept at the post office for 5 working days, before they get send back to somewhere else.

JTMonkey: what do you mean by: 1. Declared price for some items were wrong but I supposed it was the fault of the merchant. In fact a few of my purchases were under-declared with worked in my favour. You can op to amend the declared price by emailing them the invoice of the transaction. They will make the change within minutes (at least in my case).

do you not declare the price yourself at borderlinx? They just do it for you automatically?

aster1: I think they are probably still in the original package, cuz I have a few 'repackaged' parcels from vpost before but still have the merchant logo leh. anyway ,the repackage fee + the subsequent lower shipping cost would have been charged to you already, so there is technically no extra cost since the original shipping cost would have been higher
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