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Need some help

Hi terumo,

Currently using a mitsubishi non-inverter system 3 air con. Model is MSXY-09SV with R22 refridgerant for almost 10 years for 3 bedroom in a 4 room HDB.

Currently 2 bedroom not cold liao, only normal air come out, but 1 bedroom still as normal quite cold. Did ask some air con men to come and clean, but still can't find the problem.

Anyway, since 10 years already, might as well replace. What options do I have? I don't mind getting another Starmex, as i find they are quite reliable. Panasonic also quite value for money but I read of some case where people complain the outdoor unit is very noisy.

Also, I intend to use back my original pipings, but if i buy new one with R410a refridgerant, can it work with my existing pipes? or need to change pipings?

Lastly, can provide some recommendation on what to buy with a budget of $3k for System 3 with inverter? Where should I buy it from also? Courts? Gain City? Harvey Norman? Best? I quite scared installer do a lousy job as I have read many horror stories...

Thanks in advance.
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