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Skid Row was my ultimate favourite band when they were ard. My whole world crumbled when they broke up . Baz did ok solo but the new Skid Row really suck.

Anyway, Baz collaborated with this band Frameshift with an album called An Absence of Empathy. Wanted to share a song or 2 but youtube doesn't have. Rightly so coz the band doesn't do tours and their income is from album sales. So if you like these, buy their album.

Frameshift - Human Grain download song in mp3 free, listen to online

Frameshift - I Killed You download song in mp3 free, listen to online

thx for e sic .

yea .. agreed that SR ain't SR anymore w/o Bach . :/
e latter's solo albums tho' me had listened a few on YT but me don't feel that nice abt it .

anw Bach's will be back with a new live CD/DVD: ABachalypse Now .
out nxt yr .

they have changed so much, i missed the cleveland hardcore style

1st time heard of this band tbh & me kinda like it acty .

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