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Hi all, hope someone can comment about my problem.

I just replaced my Mit System3 (aft 6yrs) with a Daikin 3MKS71ESG & 3 FTKS25DVM 9k FCUs yesterday.

In both systems, i opted for R410a and Inverter models.
As such i believe the performance should be similar.

However, i was running the unit the whole of last night, my wife and I noticed that the air wasn't as cool as our old Mit.
I placed my hand infront of the blower, while the wind felt cool, it did not feel the same.

We tried to set the same operating temp - 24 and 3fans.
Closed the door for an hour before going in.
With my old Mit, i would get a gush of cold air as i open the door. With the Daikin, i dont get such an effect.
This morning, we really felt the room wasn't as cold as it should be after a night.

Thus im now trying to get my installer to troubleshoot the problem, to see if there is a leakage that cause the compressor not able to run fullspeed? or someother causes...?
The tech told me that if there was a leakage, the Daikin unit would blink, however mine did not.
Im reluctant to set the temp to below 24 as i always been using 24-25 which was good enough, might be wasting electricity in the long run if i set lower just to compensate.

I understand cool sensation is subjective - but i just want some hardproof results to show that the new unit is working properly.

Does anybody know how i can verify this with the installer?

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